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The Burger King Effect:
Proliferation of Content Security Form Factors
Let Customers Have it Their Way
| Jul 28, 2010 | Enterprise Security
| Analyst: Paula Musich, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Security and Networking

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Demand for server-based content security software has taken a back seat lately to two other form factors; specifically appliances and hosted services. Large and small enterprises alike are voting with their IT budget dollars for less traditional form factors when it comes to secure messaging and Web security, and that trend is likely to continue for the next several years.

The desire for the greater customization and flexibility delivered with server-based software has given way to the need for IT to do more with less, especially in the face of more sophisticated and escalating threats targeting Web applications. Behind the increasing interest for both SaaS- and appliance-based content security is the heightened sophistication of malware, including the rise of blended threats and Web-based malware. That has increased the complexity and performance demands of the tools vendors are creating to fight these threats. The requirement for more content analysis, signatures, dynamic analysis and SSL decryption all push solutions toward both form factors.

The increasing interest in those alternative delivery vehicles is due primarily to the ease of installation and operation as well as lower cost, all of which helps IT in its continuing quest to reduce costs while providing greater security and compliance. Still, the best approach may actually involve a combination of both – especially for secure messaging – with inbound filtering taking place in the cloud and outbound filtering being done on premises in an appliance. But will these form factors eventually replace server based software altogether? And which approach – appliance, SaaS or hybrid – is best?

In the webinar, Current Analysis analyst Paula Musich describes the shift in demand, its impact on the market, and its outlook.


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