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Fiber Access Infrastructure:
The Ultra-Broadband End-Game
| Nov 17, 2010 | Fixed Access Infrastructure
| Analyst: Erik Keith, Principal Analyst, Fixed Access Infrastructure
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While current telco copper and cable HFC networks still have plenty of service life left in them, there is no dispute that full-fiber networks (FTTH or FTTP) are the End Game technology for fixed access. This webinar will examine the current networking options and technologies being leveraged by both telco and cable operators, the service and market drivers that will catalyze operator migration to full-fiber systems, as well as impediments to this transition.

In conclusion, we present and evaluate the multiple types of fiber access systems that are available for operators when they transition to FTTP, including the current (and projected) competitive landscape of FTTP systems vendors, as well as key observations and predictions on the scope and pace of FTTP deployments worldwide.

In this Webinar, Erik Keith, Principal Analyst for Fixed Access Infrastructure at Current Analysis, looks at the global trends in the Fiber Access market. This webinar examines key questions to help make sense of today’s market and understand where it is heading in both the near- and long-term. It answers questions such as:

  • Given the cost of transitioning to fiber access systems, what are the current “stop-gap” fixed access solutions and technologies for telco and cable operators?
  • At what point does transitioning from copper/HFC to fiber make sense, and what are the major impediments to mass market fiber deployment?
  • What are the service, market and business-case drivers for deploying full-fiber access networks?
  • Who are the main contenders in the global FTTP market, and how do their respective fiber access solution sets compare?
  • What are the current fiber access options for operators, and how will FTTP technology evolve in the coming years?


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