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4G Silicon Stakes Rise: The Competitive Landscape Intensifies
What is driving and defining competition in the 4G silicon market and how is the competition stacking up against each other?

| Sep 28, 2010 | Mobile Ecosystem
| Analysts: Ron Westfall, Research Director; Jeff Ogle, Senior Analyst

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This webinar addresses the 4G silicon competitive landscape and how it is shaping up today and into the foreseeable future. Competition in the 4G silicon realm includes LTE and LTE/WiMAX players ranging from top-tier mature silicon vendors to start-ups. Critical issues to be discussed include:

  • How are the 4G silicon competitors differentiating their chipsets and solutions?
  • What market drivers and buying criterion must they fulfill in addressing OEM customer and carrier demands?
  • What are the prospects for 4G silicon overall?

The prospects for the long-term overall 4G market, including the 4G silicon market area, remain positive, although the near-term prospects look clouded due to ongoing uncertainty surrounding the time frames for ramping up LTE services.

  • Will mobile carriers ramp up LTE services more rapidly than previous launches of 3G or WiMAX services?
  • What are the 4G silicon-enabled capabilities required for a successful LTE service launch?
  • What are the prospects for WiMAX, particularly in regards to WiMAX-to-LTE migration scenarios?

4G silicon vendors have continued to invest their product development and sales and marketing efforts, especially in the area of application processor platforms, towards meeting their customer demands in areas such as architectural flexibility, graphics performance and quality, processing scalability, expanding SDR-based multiband/multi-mode options, and application support range.

Additionally, 4G silicon vendors have emphasized their product and portfolio development efforts in areas such as improving power consumption and battery life metrics, memory support techniques, enhanced video features including display advances and 2D/3D graphics performance characteristics, improved wireless connectivity options, more robust software support regimes, and influencing femto-based wireless network topologies.

Current Analysis analysts Ron Westfall and Jeff Ogle examine 4G silicon vendors including Intel, Qualcomm, ST-Ericsson, TI, Samsung, Marvell, Broadcom, MediaTek, Beceem, Wavesat, Sequans, Altair, among others.


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