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Packet Optical Integration

Platform and Standards Evolution

Jason Marcheck
Principal Analyst, Optical Infrastructure

Glen Hunt
Principal Analyst, Carrier Infrastructure

July 1, 2008

As telecom carriers plot their network migration strategies to support the rapid growth of IP and Ethernet services - while simultaneously retaining the ability to deliver high margin TDM-based services over SONET/SDH networks - Packet Optical Transport has become one of the hottest concepts in the telecom networking market. Because current Ethernet over SONET/SDH schemes cannot cost-effectively scale to meet future demands, operators must find a way to gracefully phase out TDM-based networks in favor of networks that can transport packet-based traffic over optical wavelengths in its native format.

Sound simple? It’s not. A myriad of hurdles involving quality of service assurance, network management complexity, and capital budgeting constraints must all be overcome before the future of packet-based networking can be realized.

This is where Packet Optical comes into play. Presently, equipment vendors are rapidly unveiling – and refining – optical networking solutions that promise to support dynamically reconfigurable optical transport, SONET/SDH, connection-oriented Layer 2 switching and aggregation, and carrier-class OAM capabilities, in a simple-to-use and TCO-optimizing package.

In this telebriefing, Jason Marcheck, Principal Analyst, Optical Infrastructure and Glen Hunt, Principal Analyst, Carrier Infrastructure for Current Analysis examine developments in the Packet Optical market, including the latest news out of NXTcomm 2008. This telebriefing addresses questions such as:

  • What requirements are network operators looking for in Packet Optical solutions?
  • Who are the major equipment vendor players in this market?
  • How are these players crafting their packet optical offerings to meet market demands?
  • What major developments occurred at NXTcomm that will impact the future of the Packet Optical market
  • What is the latest on important Connection Oriented Ethernet development that will shape how Packet Optical solutions ultimately perform?

Telebriefing Contents

- Introduction
- Meet the Cast
- Current Analysis in Packet Optical Transport
- Agenda
- Expected Capacity just from the mobile network by 2010
- What about class of service
- What about variations in service availability levels
- What is “Packet Optical”?
- Form vs. Function: My Karma Ran Over My Dogma
- Who’s Right?
- Vendor Positioning: Clear as Mud?
- 2008 Market Trends
- Latest and Greatest – NXTCOMM 2008
- Where the Rubber Meets the Road
- IP to Optical Integration ... Why is it critical
- Operations and Maintenance OAM
- Service Resiliency and Fault Recovery Times
- Conclusions – Hype vs. Reality
- Conclusions – Critical Factors Going Forward
- Thank you
- Competitive Intelligence

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