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Mobile Social Networking
in the U.S. Market

Not Just Another Passing Trend

Deepa Karthikeyan
Analyst, Wireless Services

Bill Ho
Research Director, Wireless Services

March 19, 2008

The U.S. mobile space tends to mirror the Internet with respect to applications and usage which is evident in the growing popularity of user generated content in the online social networking space. These connections of virtual communities via a mobile device is a natural extension of the online world. As such, Mobile Social Networking has exploded into the U.S. wireless scene due to its focus on messaging and media-intensive content distribution.

In this telebriefing, Deepa Karthikeyan, Wireless Data Services Analyst and William Ho, Research Director of Wireless Services at Current Analysis, examine the key trends and drivers behind the rapidly evolving mobile social networking market, how established online social networking companies, emerging startups and carriers are addressing this space. The telebriefing focuses primarily on these questions and more:

  • What is mobile social networking and why is it such a hot space in the wireless world?
  • What are the most significant trends and drivers within the U.S. mobile social networking space?
  • Who are the major players?
  • What are the implications for carriers if they join the bandwagon?
  • What are the monetization models?
  • What are the most notable future mobile social networking trends?

Telebriefing Contents

- Introduction
- Agenda
- What is Social Networking?
- Defining Terms
- Overview of the Existing Mobile Social Networking Market - I
- Overview of the Existing Mobile Social Networking Market - II
- Overview of the Existing Mobile Social Networking Market - III
- Monetization - I
- Monetization - II
- Challenges
- Looking Ahead
- In Summary
- Contacts

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Mobile Social Networking
Prospects for a Fledgling Industry

Mobile Social Networking, the act of bonding in virtual communities via a cell phone, exploded into the wireless scene in 2007. Broadly defined as the act of generating and sharing media content, ranging from a simple write-up to an elaborate video feed, mobile social networking enables users to keep in touch with friends and establish connections with existing and potential users of a network.

With to its focus on wireless messaging and media-intensive content distribution, the developing market bodes well for wireless carriers which see a new opportunity to increase data revenue. Encouraging reports from research companies have stimulated exclusive partnerships between carriers and social networking sites as well as alliances between technology corporations and social networking sites. Supplementary services that assist in the management of user-generated content between the cell phone and the Internet are also appearing on the horizon in an attempt to cash in on the frenzy.

Despite the encouraging start, questions abound about the future of mobile social networking due to a vast number of players in this nascent market and the transient nature of their demographics. In this three-part series, Current Analysis addresses the mobile social networking scene in the U.S market; its implications on data ARPU and targeted advertisement revenue potential; and the future of user-generated content on the small screen. This report provides an introduction to mobile social networking and current market trends.

Report Package Details

Title: Mobile Social Networking: Prospects for a Fledgling Industry
Author: Deepa Karthikeyan, U.S. Wireless Data Services Analyst
Pages: 14
Price: $595
Deliverable: PDF - Available for immediate download upon credit card confirmation

Reports Included in Package
1. Social Networking and the U.S. Mobile Space
Mobile social networking is being touted as the next big thing, promising instant gratification to members on the move. Will this data-centric service be able to recapture its triumph on the Internet or is it just an over-hyped application? (12/4/2007)
2. Monetizing Mobile Social Networks
Wireless carriers and marketers are waking up to the lucrative potential of mobile social networking sites. The viral nature of these sites, along with the mobility factor of cell phones, creates the right mix for peer-to-peer marketing and sales. (12/13/2007)
3. Looking Ahead: What to Expect in the Mobile Social Networking Domain
The extended success of mobile social networking has silenced naysayers, establishing the service on firm ground. The future of this fledgling trend looks optimistic due to the backing of mobile media brands and advancements in related technology. (12/31/2007)
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Report title: Mobile Social Networking: Prospects for a Fledgling Industry

Deliverable: PDF - Available for immediate download upon credit card confirmation

Price $595

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