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Mobile Backhaul Evolution
Why the Transport Network is Changing and How Vendors are Responding

Peter Jarich
Research Director, Mobile Networks and Carrier Core

Glen Hunt
Principal Analyst, Carrier Infrastructure

October 22, 2008

In a year where mobile operators have been busy explaining how the iPhone and USB dongles have driven mobile data traffic at an unprecedented pace, it’s not surprising that mobile backhaul has been one of the most talked about topics. New base stations and wireless technologies may be able to support mobile data that is truly, “broadband” but unless those base stations are connected to sufficiently fat and intelligent “pipes” the user experience will be nothing short of disappointing. Going forward, as operators look to launch new 4G technologies, their own iPhone-killers and data-hungry netbooks, the problem of under-engineered backhaul networks will only become more and more evident.

In this Current Analysis telebriefing, Peter Jarich (Research Director, Mobile and Converged Core) and Glen Hunt (Principal Analyst, Carrier Infrastructure), examined the factors impacting mobile operators as they build out their backhaul networks along with the solutions vendors are building to help them address the need to support current 2G and 3G traffic while preparing for 4G traffic going forward. The briefing addresses questions such as:

  • Why has mobile backhaul become such a hot-button for operators?
  • How are mobile service and network trends impacting the backhaul equation?
  • What are the current backhaul models available to operators and what are their plans going forward?
  • What vendors have been most active in targeting mobile backhaul as a strategic opportunity?
  • What vendors have been most successful in building mobile backhaul solutions, rather than point products?
  • What does a complete mobile backhaul solution consist of?

Telebriefing Contents

- Agenda
- State of Mobility: Today's Services
- State of Mobility: Today's Subscribers
- State of Mobility: Today's Networks / Tomorrow's Subscribers
- Future of Mobility: Tomorrow's Technologies
- Future of Mobility: Tomorrow's Services
- Future of Mobility: Tomorrow's Users
- Future of Mobility: Tomorrow's Infrastructure
- Mobile Backhaul Architectures: Models, Solutions, Issues
- The Backhaul Challenge: Key Attributes of a Complete Solution
- Mobile Backhaul Architectures: Backhaul Models
- Mobile Backhaul Architectures: More Backhaul Models
- Mobile Backhaul Architectures: Operator Interest?
- Cell Site Aggregation: 1st Stage Aggregation
- Cell Site Aggregation: Access Over Multiple Network Technologies
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: Vendor Overview
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: Cell Site, Access and Aggregation
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: Metro, Core and Management
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: A Closer Look At Microwave
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: Solution Completeness
- Mobile Backhaul Solutions: Other Issues and Drivers
- Mobile Backhaul: Conclusions / Recommendations
- Recent CurrentCOMPETE Reports on Mobile Backhaul
- Contacts

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