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The IPTV Explosion

Who's Positioned for Success?

Ron Westfall
Research Director, Telecom Infrastructure, Access and Applications

Bernt Ostergaard
Research Director, Telecom Services Europe

Larry Hettick
Principal Analyst, Digital Home Services

Yoav Schreiber
Senior Analyst, Digital Media Infrastructure

Ben Tudor
Senior Analyst, Consumer Broadband Services Europe

June 4, 2008

The IP Video and IPTV market space is poised for explosive growth, with global revenues for infrastructure and services expected to at least triple over the next three years. This growth creates new market diversification and expansion opportunities, but also competitive upheaval and uncertainty.

Thus, a complete understanding of the IP Video and IPTV infrastructure and services market – the vendors as well as solutions and product positioning – is more important than ever for today’s IP video and IPTV stakeholders. Those stakeholders are the operators and telecom vendors who are either making IP video and IPTV technology, selling into IP video and IPTV solutions, or planning to further evolve their own IP video and IPTV services.

In this Current Analysis telebriefing, Ron Westfall, Research Director Telecom Infrastructure Access and Applications; Bernt Ostergaard, Research Director Telecom Services Europe; and Larry Hettick, Principal Analyst, Digital Home Services, examine the key trends and drivers behind this rapidly evolving market and tackle the following key questions:

  • How is the IPTV competitive landscape evolving differently in the US versus Europe?
  • How soon before IPTV becomes mainstream and telcos start to see significant increases in ARPU?
  • Why all the recent emphasis on metadata management?
  • In the US, how much success are market leaders like AT&T and Verizon having with their video offerings?
  • In Europe, which carriers are positioned for success?
  • How real is the prospect of customized advertising in IPTV?

Telebriefing Contents

- Introduction
- Agenda
Section 1
- The Global IPTV and IP Video Infrastructure Market and Competitive Terrain
- The Major Drivers for the Overall IPTV and IP Video Market
- IPTV and IP Video Market Evolution
- IPTV and IP Video Market Evolution (Continued)
- Current IPTV and IP Video Solutions Competitive Positioning Matrix
- IPTV and IP Video Content Security
- IPTV and IP Video Content Security Competitive Positioning Matrix
- Competitive Actions to Improve Market Positioning
Section 2
- The US IPTV Market and Competitive Terrain
- Service Provider Drivers and Trends
- Business Case Drivers: Competitive Pressures (U. S.)
- U. S. Consumer Drivers and Trends
- IPTV Case Example: AT&T U-verse Service Delivery
Section 3
- The European IPTV Market and Competitive Terrain
- Split European Broadband Infrastructure Strategies
- European Business Case Drivers: Competitive Pressures
- Service Provider Drivers and Trends
- European Consumer Drivers and Trends
- IPTV Case Example: Illiad FreeBox Service Delivery
- Catch-up TV VOD case study –BBC iPlayer22
- IPTV Best Practice Revenue Models
- Global IPTV and IP Video Technology Drivers and Trends
- Questions and Answers
- Recent Current Analysis Reports on IPTV
- Contacts


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