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The CLEC Trajectory
From Regulation to
Market Competition

Brian Washburn
Research Director, Network Services

July 30, 2008

Born out of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) joined a fiber, wireless and Internet service provider craze that crashed at the turn of the century, and has since been on the rebound. Change has been a constant for these competitive carriers, which adjust to new business, financial, technology and regulatory directions as new market opportunities open and established markets flatten out or close.

In this telebriefing, Brian Washburn, Research Director, Network Services, examines the factors that have brought the nation's major CLECs to where they are today, their assets and strategies for market expansion, and the competitive industry pressures that the sector faces. The briefing addresses questions such as:

  • Which are the industry's major retail CLEC competitors, where do they operate, and how are they faring financially?
  • What common market messages, technologies and business practices have CLECs adopted?
  • What industry sectors threaten the CLECs' core business?
  • How do core services deployed by CLECs stack up to alternative access technologies?
  • What CLEC practices appear to be successful in the current market environment?

Telebriefing Contents

- Agenda
- Introduction
- What is a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
- Competitive Carrier Business Models
- Stacking Up the Industry’s Major Retail CLECs
- Business Review: Consolidation and Core Focus
- Major Regional CLEC Operating Footprints
- CLEC Income, Loss and Long-Term Debt
- Regulatory Review: CLEC Advantages Erode
- Technology Review: Old Colos, New IP Services
- Today’s Diversified CLEC
- CLEC Expansion Strategies...
- ...Are Confronted by Competitive Industry Pressures
- SMB Dedicated Internet Access: Technology Price/Speed Samples
- SMB Voice/Data Integrated Access: Technology Price/Speed Samples
- Regulatory Future: Any Envelope-Pushing Left?
- CLEC Recommendations (I)
- CLEC Recommendations (II)
- Questions?
- Contacts

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