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Tracking Advanced Video
Advertising Adoption

| May 27, 2010 | Digital Media Infrastructure

Featured Speaker
Yoav Schreiber
Yoav Schreiber
Current Analysis
Senior Analyst,
Digital Media

Despite the increased personalization of TV/video delivery, and the related promise to preserve/increase ARPU, content delivery is an expensive business; the acquisition of content is among the most expensive line items in a service providerís budget. With advanced video advertising, cable, satellite, telecom, and over-the-top service providers are hoping to emulate the addressability, interactivity, and accountability found on Internet-based advertising models in order to capture new revenue streams and monetize their expensive content-based business models.

Across the industry big bets are being made in advanced video advertising. As momentum builds in this emerging market, systematically tracking adoption presents a challenge to digital media infrastructure vendors and their service provider partners for whom market timing is of critical competitive concern.

In this Webinar, Yoav Schreiber, Current Analysis Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure, provides a competitive assessment of the past six months of publicly announced advanced video advertising market activity along two dimensions: frequency of advanced video advertising format adoption and progress maturing from technical to market viability. The Webinar addresses key questions including:

  • Which advanced advertising formats are gaining most traction with service providers and within the industry?
  • Which advanced advertising formats have reached sufficient maturity to elicit spending from media buyers and advertisers?

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