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Service Delivery Platforms

Telecom Transformation in the Internet Age

Joe McGarvey
Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

January 2009

The communications industry is undergoing a transition of unprecedented proportion. After more than 120 years of the networks of telecommunications carriers serving as the dominate platform for real-time human interaction, the center of the communications universe has shifted to the Internet, where voice conversations can be seamlessly and creatively augmented with video, text, presence and other forms of multimedia and contextual information. Accordingly, the rise of Internet-based service providers is threatening to reduce the role of telecommunications operators to mere transport providers.

The good news is that operators recognize the urgency to transform their IP service delivery infrastructures into more agile instruments that are in tune with the shift to a Web-based service creation environment. To facilitate this transformation, telecommunications operators are embracing a new generation of Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs). This new generation of SDPs melds together the strongest components of IT, Web and telecommunications service creation and delivery processes to create virtual marketplaces, where subscribers and partners can tap into the operator’s unique assets and services.

Similar to other architectures that require major overhauls of existing infrastructure and procedures, SDPs require massive investment and a dramatic reordering of the telecommunications provider’s current business model. Adopting an SDP, accordingly, is far from a trivial matter for operators, which are struggling to find solutions that balance the ability to open up their networks to partners and third-party service providers with the need to protect internal assets and assure subscriber privacy.

In this telebriefing, Joe McGarvey, Current Analysis Principal Analyst for IP Services Infrastructure, examines developments in the emerging SDP market, including an explanation of the metrics Current Analysis is using to compare rival SDP offerings. The telebriefing addresses questions such as:

  • What are the competitive issues that are driving operators toward the adoption of SDPs?
  • Who are the major equipment vendor players in this market?
  • What are the possible roles that operators will play in an Internet-based communications arena?
  • What are the essential functions and components of an SDP solution?
  • In what manner will operators adopt SDPs, wholesale or in increments?
  • How do SDPs directly influence the subscriber experience and enable operators to differentiate their services?

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