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Dual-Mode Telephony

Its Role in Enterprise FMC Plans

Brian Riggs
Research Director, Enterprise Software and Communications

December 2008

Communications solutions that allow mobile phones to place voice calls over both corporate WiFi and operators’ cellular networks have been in development for many years. They have been notoriously slow to leave developers’ labs and reach the hands of end users, but this situation is now changing. Commercially available dual-mode telephony solutions are now available from a number of suppliers, with more to come. But are they solving problems that business buyers are actually facing?

Current Analysis Research Director Brian Riggs provides an overview of dual-mode telephony solutions, the vendors developing them, and the businesses deploying them. He also puts dual-mode telephony solutions into the larger perspective of fixed-mobile convergence and unified communications, providing insight into how dual-mode telephony fits into the larger framework of enterprise communications solutions. This briefing will cover questions such as:

  • What is enterprise dual-mode telephony?
  • Who is delivering dual-mode telephony solutions?
  • What are the differences between competing dual-mode telephony solutions?
  • What FMC problems is dual-mode telephony trying to solve?
  • What benefits are businesses deriving from it?

Telebriefing Contents

- Introduction
- Agenda
- Islands of Communication
- Overview of Enterprise FMC (I)
- Overview of Enterprise FMC (II)
- Dual-Mode Telephony
- Solution Components
- Dual-Mode Handsets
- Transitioning Calls Between Wireless Networks
Competitive Landscape: Dual-mode Telephony Solutions
- Agito Networks
- Avaya
- Divitas Networks
- Nokia
- Siemens
- More Competition
- Voices from the Field (I)
- Voices from the Field (II)
Competitive Landscape: Dual-mode Telephony Services
- BT
- Orange Business Services
- More Competition
Dual-Mode Telephony Solutions: Outlook
- Competitive Positives
- Competitive Concerns
- Recommendations
- Questions
- Current Analysis Competitive Intelligence

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