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Competing in the Challenging Economy:
Best Practices in Competitive Response

Bruce Page
Vice President, Client Solutions Group

November 2008

  • Does your company have a process for Competitive Response?
  • How can you make your salespeople more effective in competitive sales situations?
  • How can you measure your company's Competitive Responsiveness?

In challenging economic times with markets in contraction, fewer new sales opportunities available, and longer sales cycles, it’s even more important than ever to “know your enemy”, and give your sales teams the best tools and technologies that can help them to out-compete rivals.

Competitive Response is what we do at Current Analysis: provide tactical competitive intelligence to help our customers – and particularly their sales teams – out-maneuver the competition. This telebriefing reviews why now, with a faltering economy and fears of recession, it’s a good time to review the needs of your salespeople in order to gain a deeper understanding as to what kinds of competitive intelligence they need – at what stages in the sales cycle – to maximize their chances of winning.

Current Analysis Vice President of Client Solutions, Bruce Page presents this compelling telebriefing based on interactions with hundreds of competitive intelligence groups across the communications industry. Page introduces an auditing tool to help companies optimize their competitive response processes to help prepare their organization for competitive sales success.

Telebriefing Contents

- Introduction
- Agenda
- Today's Speaker
Competitive Response to the Financial Crisis
- The Financial Crisis: Threat and Opportunity
- Recommended Competitive Response Tactics
- In an Economic Downturn, Tactical Competitive Intelligence is Critical
Competitive Response Processes
- Competitive Response: Information Process Model for the Real-Time Enterprise
- How Current Analysis Customers are Trying to Compete
- Focusing in on Competitive Processes & Information Requirements
- Financial Downturn Tactic: Increase Tactical Focus
- People, Processes, and Technology Aligned for Competitive Response
- Competitive Response Maturity Model
Competitive Response Best Practices
- Adopt an Event-Driven Approach
- Adapt Processes to Deliver Right Information, Right Time, Right Place
- Use Collaborative and Web 2.0 Technologies to Fix Broken Processes
- Sample Web 2.0 Sales Empowerment Workspace
- Conduct a Competitive Response Assessment at Your Firm
- Competitive Response Assessment Process
- Benefits of Competitive Response Best Practices
- Questions
- Current Analysis Client Solutions Group
- Upcoming Telebriefing
- Current Analysis Competitive Intelligence

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Current Analysis helps clients beat the competition by providing continuous, in-depth competitive intelligence. We enable sales teams, marketing professionals, product managers, and executives to quickly anticipate and respond to competitor threats.

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