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Telecom Equipment Buyer
Expert Insights for Smart Purchasing Decisions
Telecom Equipment Buyer offers the industry’s most trusted and objective analysis and assessments of telecom network infrastructure equipment and services.
Research, compare and evaluate solutions quickly and easily
In-depth, vendor-neutral analysis on technologies, innovation, products, services and industry events
Continuous intelligence to provide a holistic view to the market
Struggling to keep up with emerging trends and technologies or how to keep track of vendor product lines, strategies and roadmaps or which vendors are the strong competitors and market disruptors? Current Analysis has been tracking evaluating the network infrastructure industry for more than a decade and puts this expertise at your fingertips to help you make educated purchasing decisions easier.
Trusted. Reliable. Vendor-Neutral.
What is Telecom Equipment Buyer
Continuously-updated Product Assessments, providing strengths, weaknesses, buying criteria, technical specifications, and more.
Vendor Assessments identifying product lines, sales strategies, partnerships, and market movements.
Dynamic side-by-side Vendor and Product Comparisons, ideal for vendor evaluations and RFP/RFI creation.
Event Reports provide timely assessments of industry events such as product or service launches, acquisitions, major corporate strategy adjustments, or changes in technology direction.
Advisory Reports provide perspective on significant issues and trends that are shaping the competitive landscape.
Telecom Equipment Buyer Coverage Areas
Digital Media Infrastructure
Fixed Access Infrastructure
IP Services Infrastructure
Mobile Access Infrastructure
Service Enablement Ecosystem
Transport and Routing Infrastructure
Telecom Vendor Services (Premium option)
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Complimentary Report
It’s the Softswitch, Stupid! NFV and SDN Show What’s Old is New Again
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More than 85 In-depth
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