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Intelligence that Works for You
The Current Analysis CurrentCOMPETE intelligence solution consolidates all of the latest analysis on the IT and telecom markets in a single convenient information service with interlinked and complementary reports.
Our expert analysts help clients:
Stay informed of significant events within their market as soon as they happen.
Increase awareness of key competitors and their relative market rankings.
Understand how to position products and services to take advantage of market drivers.
Save time gathering and analyzing data.
Identify how well competitors are executing their strategies.
Analyst Inquiries - contact analysts to discuss research, ask questions, gather opinions

Intelligence Reports provide perspective and actionable intelligence on recent events and announcements

Product Assessments evaluate leading products and services in the market

Company Assessment reports offer in-depth analysis on all the leading companies in the market

Advisory Reports examine an important industry trend or issue, and offers analysis on what impact it will have

Market Advisory reports provide insights and trending analysis on existing and emerging market segments
Current Analysis has a team of more than 45 globally dispersed analysts providing unbiased research and recommendations. They offer clients a unique perspective on the impact of market, competitive and innovation activity with greater speed and clarity.
The CurrentCOMPETE Service serves as the knowledge engine for your business. No other company integrates and delivers all of this information into a total integrated package for you. Report types include:
Intelligence Reports are the primary vehicle for our on-going market insights and advice. Built from the ground up to support the knowledge requirements of executive, strategy, sales and market departments, the reports raise the intelligence of our clients in near-real time on companies, products and issues. More >>
Company Assessments are the core element of our analysis in each market segment that we cover. They form the foundation for all company perspectives and advice, providing the baseline strengths, weaknesses and recommendations. More >>
Product Assessments dive into the details of products and services as competitive differentiators. They are the most granular format for competitor perspectives and advice, delivering analysis on strengths and weaknesses at the product level. More >>

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