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CurrentCOMPETE for Salesforce

Maximize Sales Performance
Compare Products or Competitors
Gain Access to In-depth Company
or Product Assessments – with
One-Click Compare
Stay on Top of Industry Events that
Impact Your Customers – filter by
Company, Product or Market

The new CurrentCOMPETE Salesforce App integrates directly into the Salesforce CRM Platform. This easy-to-use, clean interface is perfect for preparing for sales calls, responding to RFPs, tracking trends, staying current and accessing critical information on your most important competitors and their products.

Gain one-click access to competitor relative strengths and weaknesses, marketing and sales strategies, partnerships, buying criteria, metrics and more, along with Current Analysis’ impartial analytical perspective and recommendations for vendors, competitors and buyers that companies have come to depend on from for more than a decade.

Actionable Sales Intelligence

With the new CurrentCOMPETE for Salesforce application, sales and marketing teams can:

  • Quickly identify opportunities, respond to competitive threats and take immediate sales actions
  • Easily find information on competitive products, services and companies
  • Learn what buyers are looking for and how to meet their demands
  • Develop head-to-head company and product comparisons for stronger sales and RFP responses
  • Understand their relative performance against the competition in the areas buyers care about most
  • Develop effective sales strategies and counter pitches
  • Discover trends and track competitors
  • Improve sales discussions by understanding the market influences that most impact their accounts
  • Leverage how to better differentiate, position their company and solutions and sell to best advantage
  • Win more deals!

CurrentCOMPETE for Salesforce integration is intended for customers of both Current Analysis’ CurrentCOMPETE service and

Increase Competitive Advantage and Shorten Time to Revenue

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