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Small Business Services - U.S.

Small Business Services - U.S.

The Current Analysis Small Business Services solution provides comprehensive tracking and insights into the highly competitive market for small business telecom services in the United States. Focusing on companies with 50 or less employees and 12 or less voice lines, the solution features a metro-based pricing database, company profiles, product portfolio reviews, daily event analysis, and advisory reports.

The dynamic market for small business services features multiple national and regional companies competing in different metro markets. With companies offering different technology solutions to small businesses - including cable, DSL, or fiber - and multiple pricing and feature portfolios, the Current Analysis Small Business Services solution provides the comprehensive and timely intelligence that service providers need to effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business.

Key components of the solution include:

Metro Pricing Database
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Monthly list price tracking is provided on a per metro basis covering voice, broadband, video services, and bundles. Included are side-by-side comparisons of features, summary reports per metro area, and metro-specific views for in-field sales teams. Each metro is updated monthly.

Event and Advisory Reports
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Event and advisory reports provide an on-going stream of competitive information such as pricing changes, new competitive advertising, mergers and acquisitions, network deployments and other related company activity that has an impact on the competitive landscape in which companies compete.

Company Profiles
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Company Profiles provide an overview of the main small business telecom services competitors in the U.S. Used in association with the Product Portfolios, the Company Profiles highlight the strengths, weaknesses and sales strategy for a given company. Spider charts rate company's market momentum, vision, market leadership and degree of innovation. | Companies Covered |

Product Portfolio Reviews
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Product Portfolio Reviews look at the standard small business deliverables for each company tracked and provides an overview of the portfolio strengths and weaknesses, as well as the lead marketing message used by the company and how the portfolio has evolved in the past six months. Side-by-side listings help compare competitive offerings.

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