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Operators in Central America need UK and US hubs to compete against IBM and HP

London - 3 July 2015

In Central America, nearly 80% of the ICT contract deals were signed in Europe and the US, meaning that mobile operators need to set up a presence in those regions to stay competitive against the likes of IBM and HP.

A new report by Current Analysis finds that the collected contract data in Central America represents mostly larger regional and global contracts, with net values ranging from US$450,000 to a global US$2.1 billion deal. Nearly half of the deals with components in the region were signed out of Europe, predominantly the UK; nearly 30% came out of the US and less than 20% of collected contracts came from inside Latin America. “Clearly, operators in Central America that want to lobby for a role in global business contracts would be well-served setting up a presence in both the US and UK,” says Brian Washburn, Service Director at Current Analysis.

IBM and HP prominent in US$100 million+ ICT contracts

IBM and HP are leading in large global ICT contracts of US$100 million and greater total value. At ICT contract sizes below US$10 million, Indra Sistemas, C&W Communications, Stefanini, Sonda and ALOG (now Equinix) are more prominent, serving regional needs. A mix of major global network providers, large systems integrators, cloud/data centre operators and business process outsourcing providers serve much of the balance of collected contracts in the region.

Manufacturing makes up 37% of ICT contracts in Central America

The report also finds that the region's vertical markets are substantially different from elsewhere in the world. Manufacturing represents 37% of contracts in Central America, compared to just 8% worldwide; communications companies account for 10% of contracts compared to 4% worldwide, while pharmaceuticals, which represent 8% of contracts in the region, are a small portion of global contracts. Washburn says: “Operators in Central America and the Caribbean should be familiar with the needs of these three vertical industries, as demonstrated expertise could help them deliver locally for global partners.”

Observed contracted verticals in Central America and the Caribbean region

Source: Kable IT Services Contracts, Current Analysis.

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All numbers used in this text are based on the Current Analysis report 'Central America and the Caribbean: Mapping Business Trends Through the Lens of Enterprise Contracts.'

Operators in Central America need a presence in the UK and US to compete against giants such as IBM.

About the report

The Current Analysis report observes markets in Central America (Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), the Caribbean (the Caymans, Cuba, Dominican Republic), plus Colombia and Venezuela. Of 283 contracts collected in this region, 95 are present in these Caribbean nations, 152 are present in Central America, and 247 are present in Colombia and/or Venezuela.

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