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Major drivers for global IP Exchange (IPX) services

London - 5 March 2015

The global IPX market is entering an early maturity phase, with offerings currently available from a large number of major Tier One operators, as well as from other voice and mobile signalling specialists. Current Analysis identifies the main IPX trends in a recent series of reports.

WebRTC and RCS are game changers

According to Current Analysis, Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC) and Rich Communications Services (RCS), combined with 4G, wearable tech and IoT, will revolutionise the way how we communicate, play and do business. Joel Stradling, Research Director at Current Analysis, says: “IPX is an obvious transport medium for a wide range of communications applications that run over increasingly higher mobile broadband speeds and at the same time require quality of service (QoS) and security. IPX should drive both traffic and revenues, giving a means to carriers to counter OTT threats because they are able to leverage their dedicated Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) assets, and to make apps enterprise-grade.”

Voice over LTE about to cause a huge IPX traffic spike

Current Analysis also finds that increased availability of Voice over LTE (VoLTE) will result in a spike in IPX as the underlying platform for VoLTE roaming services. To date there have been limited VoLTE deployments such as NTT DoCoMo in a domestic-only Japan rollout. There has also been trial-only VoLTE across international borders, for example multi-vendor testing by Telefonica and various partners. “But as 4G networks become more ubiquitous, global VoLTE roaming will be increasingly in demand. Many carrier IPX platforms are ‘VoLTE-ready’ in anticipation of this trend,” Stradling says.

Diameter signalling is a solid IPX traffic pipeline

Service providers that have strong customer bases within the mobile network operator (MNO) segment report robust take-up of 4G LTE signalling (or Diameter Signalling) services over their IPX infrastructures. Diameter signalling is a natural evolution for MNOs that already rely on signalling and hubbing over General Packet Radio Service Roaming Exchange (GRX). “Operators that play in the IPX segment have been effective in proactively migrating their GRX customers onto IPX, and currently international roaming for 4G LTE traffic over IPX represents a solid future pipeline,” Stradling adds.

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All numbers used in this text are based on the Current Analysis report 'IPX Round-up and Introducing Global IP Exchange (IPX) Product Assessments.'

According to Current Analysis, WebRTC ad RCS will be game changers.

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