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Current Analysis Examines Data Center Equipment and Networks as Adaptive, Scalable and Manageable Resource Pools

Leading Market Intelligence Firm expands Data Center coverage, analyzing solutions designed to re-imagine data center equipment and networks

Sterling, VA, USA – July 29, 2014 – Current Analysis, Inc., a leading provider of timely, practical market intelligence and advice for the global IT and telecom industries, announced today the introduction of two new product coverage areas that will analyze and evaluate key data center modernization technologies, software defined networking (SDN) and Converged Infrastructure.

Available immediately and on an ongoing basis, these analytical tools will examine and score market leading data center solutions from vendors HP, IBM, VMware, Cisco, Dell and many others. The first product assessment, Converged Infrastructure, will focus on solutions that combine compute, network and storage components into pre-certified, rack-level modules that are rapidly deployable for workloads such as analytics and desktop virtualization. The second product assessment will analyze SDN as a means of enabling networks in data centers, both private and public clouds, to be integrated with and managed by automated cloud software systems.

“We are very excited to have quickly expanded our data center coverage in support of these two dynamic and closely interrelated IT endeavors,” commented Brad Shimmin, Service Director of Business Technology and Software at Current Analysis. “Tomorrow’s data center will undoubtedly function as a single, cohesive service capable of immediately adapting to and even anticipating business demands. However, that will require today’s data center to learn how to break down barriers between network, server, software, and data. And that will require tightly integrated server systems as well as an attending network infrastructure capable of advantageously marshalling those systems resources. That’s exactly where our two new comparative tools come into play.”

Current Analysis has chosen to invest in analyzing these solutions as a response to the ongoing, overwhelming market shift toward data center technologies that adhere to a “software defined everything” approach. For better or worse, this trend has significantly altered the technology and vendor landscape. Core infrastructure components networking, storage, OS, and server hardware, all are being intertwined in an effort to lower costs and allow for infrastructure-led innovation. Within these new analytical tools, Current Analysis will assess and evaluate the maturity of data center solutions such as VMware’s NSX and VCE Vblock, delivering practical market intelligence and advice to help professionals in IT and telecom compete, innovate and improve performance.

”The SDN space is rapidly evolving as networking incumbents and start-ups rush to fill gaps in SDN. Each vendor has their own approach to SDN, which offers both unique advantages and concerns that in turn will differentiate solutions now and in the future," explained Mike Fratto, Principal Analyst with Current Analysis. “SDN is not limited to just a single vendor’s product set. The partner ecosystem, the catalog of integrated products, and developer support just are as important for a successful SDN product and deployment. Our coverage of SDN will work both as a stand-alone practice as well as in tight coordination with other research areas at Current Analysis.”

“We’re beginning our expanded data center coverage with a look at Converged Infrastructure, because we feel that the rapidly growing popularity of these platforms over the last four years is a reflection of modern IT’s need for responsiveness, simplified management, and scalability that doesn’t need to disrupt large segments of your infrastructure,” said Steven Hill, Senior Analyst with Current Analysis. “These systems break down the traditional, monolithic data center model into more manageable, rack-level modules that combine compute, network and storage as a complete solution that can be optimized for specific workloads of any nature, yet can be easily scaled-out to meet growing demands wherever they arise.”

The introduction of these two new comparative solution resources represents only one of numerous, interconnected data center research projects scheduled to appear over the coming months. Analysts will deliver timely analysis of industry events concerning the vendors covered within these two product assessments, and a new product coverage areas analyzing private cloud enablement solutions is scheduled for release in early October. At that time, analysts will also publish a series of company and market assessments of the most important companies and market drivers these important data center market drivers.

Our SDN Market Assessment, Summer 2014: Creating Ecosystems and Developing Communities is available now for download on a complimentary basis.

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Current Analysis, Inc. is a leading provider of timely, practical market intelligence and advice that helps global IT and telecom professionals compete, innovate and improve performance. For over 15 years, our independent experts and proprietary services have empowered fast-paced companies to quickly identify opportunities to drive growth and market leadership. Relied upon as an unbiased and trusted partner, Current Analysis serves more than 35,000 professionals representing over 1,300 enterprises. Headquartered in the Washington D.C. metro area, we provide global reach with offices in Paris, London, and Singapore. Learn more now at


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