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Operators Deploy 100G DWDM Systems with an Eye towards further Capacity Enhancement – How Best to Grow?

| May 14, 2013 | Transport and Routing Infrastructure |
| Analyst: Rick Talbot, Senior Analyst, Transport and Routing

Even as they prepare to deploy their first 100 Gbps optical channel DWDM solutions (which are often 100 Gbps transponder/muxponder additions to existing DWDM systems), network operators are seeking to ensure that their new infrastructures will satisfy the demands of the coming years. They are finding that demand for capacity, which is currently surging, will continue to increase pace as new markets are opened, high-bandwidth applications proliferate and video becomes the dominant form of communication. Thus, they need to determine how to grow their new systems beyond the 8 Tbps total capacity offered by traditional 100G DWDM technology.

This report provides an overview of the choices operators have in maximizing the capacity of their optical networks. It reviews the technology employed in today’s typical 100G DWDM system, analyzes the methods available for increasing the capacity of these systems, and concludes with suggestions of which of those technologies are available in the near-term, since operators need to have confidence in the capacity enhancement of the systems they are about to deploy.

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