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In-memory Computing:
Big Data’s Silver Bullet

| Aug 21, 2012 | Application Platforms
| Analyst: Charlotte Dunlap, Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

In-memory computing is primed for mainstream enterprises, after gaining ground over the past year among this broader swath of companies looking to the advanced data grid technology to manage low latency-oriented applications that require high performance and scalability. A lot of those gains were the result of better integration of the still complex in-memory technology within the fabric of vendors’ infrastructure offerings including middleware suites and integrated systems. Largely driven by the big data phenomenon, companies are now leveraging in-memory for its ability to support real-time applications and unpredictable application performance demands.

Serious issues remain before in-memory computing will be fully embraced by enterprises, including configuration complexities, learning curves around application development for in-memory data, and lack of industry standards. However, over the past year, customer use cases of the advanced in-memory caching technology have expanded well beyond financial services and public sector to travel, retail, telecom and media and entertainment, and vendors are reaping the rewards. IBM saw its in-memory revenues grow 80 percent last year, Software AG is on target to triple its in-memory technology revenues this year, and VMware experienced a 20-30 percent increase in growth of its same technology over the past year.

As the big data issue continues to plague enterprises struggling with how to provide adequate data management around increasingly performance-intensive applications, it’s not just a competitive edge middleware vendors gain by adding an in-memory component to their application infrastructures. In the next six months, application platforms and imminent PaaS cloud offerings will only be competitive if they are embedded with in-memory technology.

This report provides information on the current state of the in-memory computing market, a recap of vendor offerings, and analysis on how vendors are doing on their integration strategy to offer in-memory to mainstream enterprises.

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