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The Digital Living Room: On a Collision Course with Mobile

| Jan 5, 2012 | Consumer Devices
| Analyst: Avi Greengart, Research Director, Consumer Devices

With CES just around the corner, we are about to be inundated with new DTV (digital TV) technologies, new STB (set-top box) technologies, and new OTT (over-the-top) services (i.e., streaming entertainment content). Sadly, we will probably see more than a few new TLAs (three-letter acronyms), as well.

To prepare for CES 2012, this report looks back at the growing ubiquity of streaming options in the digital living room in 2011 and ahead at the coming collision with mobile in 2012. Looking back, Internet connectivity has now fully infiltrated the consumer electronics world. It is not the trend of connectivity itself that is noteworthy; the transition has been underway for several years.

What is really interesting is that we are approaching its conclusion. Streaming media receivers start at $50, and nearly anything with a power plug above a certain price point can run Netflix. Looking forward, the mobile and fixed consumer electronics worlds are on a collision course, and 2012 is when mobile is going start asserting dominance. Mobile ecosystems for content and apps are extending into the digital living room, and mobile devices are going to play an increasingly important role managing, controlling, and delivering content to larger displays.

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