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Ethernet Update: Bandwidth-on-Demand is Still a Draw

| Jan 27, 2012 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analyst: Brian Washburn, Research Director, Network Services

At the start of 2012, carriers have not made great new innovations in Ethernet services, instead settling on addressing rote needs of more network availability, higher speeds and additional service intelligence. This advisory examines three notable trends from H2 2011. First is the greater rollout of 10 Gbps switched Ethernet for long-haul services, which includes full 10 Gbps Ethernet port access to IP services. Second is bandwidth-on-demand: tw telecom for example has stated its intent to deploy this capability for its services as part of its Intelligent Network initiative. Third is the ongoing buildout of Ethernet over copper (EoC) by both incumbent and competitive service providers; the technology offers an alternative as need for dedicated bandwidth with reliable SLAs for smaller and branch offices exceeds the limits of the traditional single T1 access circuit.

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