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Data Center and Cloud Services: Trends and Opportunities for 2012

| Jan 17, 2012 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analyst: Michal Halama, Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

In the data center and cloud services market in Europe, significant trends have developed during 2011 that are set to continue growing throughout 2012, notably ‘hybrid’ cloud, ‘big data’ and ‘community verticalization’ in data centers. All are being used to improve costs of both service providers and end-users. This report considers how and why service providers are taking to ‘hybrid’ clouds to rebalance their portfolios for revenue protection and profit improvement, and the cost and time to market benefits that end-user organizations can achieve from this trend; the investments that ITSPs are making in ‘big data’ services for future growth, and the opportunities this presents for partners; ‘community verticalization’ in data centers that creates end-user customer and partner stickiness to ecosystems, and promises further opportunities but with practical commercial challenges.

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