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In-Memory Technology Brings Performance and Scale to Modern Apps

| June 30, 2011 | Application Platforms
| Analyst: Charlotte Dunlap, Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

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Enterprises have found themselves in the midst of a data explosion after building modern applications that are client-based and therefore prone to enormous peak workload pressures. Their only recourse is to keep throwing money at the problem in the form of database investments, but this is not money well spent when it comes to solving long-term scalability and performance issues as trends such as mobile computing continue to exacerbate the situation. Companies want to expand their business opportunities by offering customers new Web services, but are feeling crushed under infrastructures built for a different era.

Fortunately, significant declines in hardware costs and advancements in memory technology have prompted a surge of interest in in-memory computing, which is used for both high-volume transaction applications and large-scale compute resource hogs such as BI. Application platform vendors are realizing that the high-performance technology currently represents one of the biggest opportunities for evolving their infrastructure technology and providing new points of differentiation. As a result, the industry has seen a flurry of activities around in-memory technology-related acquisitions and new product announcements by application platform providers, a trend which will continue in the foreseeable future. The end result of much of this activity will be the eventual release of full data services platform offerings to provide customers with more integrated options for insuring high availability, performance scalability, and real-time analytics through distributed in-memory systems. Such objectives are still a ways away for most vendors, however, which are keeping details of such plans under wraps.

This report will provide information on the current state of the in-memory computing market, a recap of vendor offerings, and analysis on how vendors are doing on their strategy to offer in-memory to broader markets.


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