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Building the All-IP Telecommunications Network: Time to Talk (IMS) Performancel

| Aug 22, 2011 | IP Services Infrastructure
| Analyst: Joe McGarvey, Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

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Almost inconceivably, the only topic concerning the adoption of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) that has not been debated to a point of exhaustion over the past few years is the architecture’s ability to perform and scale to meet the unprecedented demands of future all-IP networks. With billions of end devices each generating multiple communications sessions and related transactions, IMS-based infrastructures will be called upon to handle workloads that dwarf the responsibilities of their TDM-based predecessors. As the control system for voice and some data, real-time and non-real-time traffic, as well as mobile and fixed networks, IMS-based equipment will need to reach historic performance and scaling benchmarks.

Maxing out at only a few million subscribers, today’s biggest IMS-controlled networks provide only partial assurance that IMS-based infrastructures will scale to meet future demands. Now that IMS has reached a point of inevitability, what are equipment makers and operators doing to ensure that today’s gear has the ability to meet tomorrow’s demands? What will be the impact of the movement toward common middleware and hardware on IMS performance? What are the performance capabilities of today’s IMS-based session control, application and policy control equipment?


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