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Evolving Market Segments:
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| Nov 30, 2011 | Consumer Services Europe
| Analyst: Natasha Rybak, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services Europe

Whether referred to as m-payments, mobile payments, mobile wallets, online payments, remote payments, e-commerce or something else, the market targeting newer, non-traditional payments methods for content, goods and services is a fast developing segment in which many diverse players have a keen interest, from financial institutions to large retail chains to OTT operators and, of course, mobile providers. The latter are involved in varying kinds of payments initiatives, many truly ‘mobile’ – for example, contactless, via NFC or SMS-based – and some that can’t be so clearly labelled, such as co-branded credit cards or billing of online purchases to a mobile account.

This report examines the European mobile payments space from the mobile providers’ point of view, taking a snapshot of the current market landscape, highlighting recent and emerging trends, and key takeaways for mobile operator participation in, and influence on, the evolution of mobile, remote and contactless payments.

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