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Sizing Up the Diameter Signaling Controller Market: Will it Live Up to the Hype?

| Dec 5, 2011 | IP Services Infrastructure
| Analyst: Joe McGarvey, Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

At this point in time, the buzz around the diameter signaling controller (DSC) market is clearly disproportionate to the size of the market.

While nearly everyone – operators, equipment makers and private investors looking for the next big thing – is talking about the budding market, only a handful of equipment suppliers have introduced products. An even smaller number of operators have announced deployments. The major reason for the hype around DSCs is their relationship to the projected continued growth of mobile broadband networks. The need for DSCs is derived from the belief that mobile networks, especially those powered by LTE gear, will be bombarded with control traffic that will eventually overwhelm the limited routing capabilities of Diameter-based equipment, such as policy servers, online charging systems and subscriber data repositories. DSCs, in short, will be the finger that plugs the leaks in the Diameter-holding dike, providing operators with the ability to scale all-IP infrastructures gracefully, and ward off network shutdowns.

At its heart, this report examines the overriding question around the early DSC market: Is all the hype warranted? It also looks at related issues, such as the factors that will determine the ultimate size of the market and whether that market will be large enough to prompt additional equipment makers to invest in organic product development.

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