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TIBCO tibbr 3.0 Set to Make
Some Noise

| Jul 8, 2011 | Collaboration Platforms
| Analyst: Brad Shimmin, Principal Analyst, Collaboration and Conferencing

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We are very positive on TIBCO's enterprise social networking platform, tibbr. Though still only six months old, TIBCO tibbr is evolving rapidly into a full-featured, enterprise-ready solution capable of influencing the collaboration platform marketplace beyond the confines of TIBCO's own customer base.

As with SAP StreamWork and Cisco Quad, tibbr has been built to benefit existing TIBCO BusinessWorks customers who can easily socialize existing business processes by dropping in a tibbr plug-in. The product can actually integrate with any service bus stream in a similar manner. The same holds true for TIBCO Spotfire, which can be paired with tibbr to provide rich social analytics capabilities. However, tibbr is not dependent upon these products, nor is it an IT-only solution confined to transaction-level application concerns.

Report Contents
Product Snapshot
Current Perspective
Product Evaluaiton
Go-to-Market Strategy
Product Maturity
Market Presence


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