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The Changing Role of the Application Server—Web 2.0 Era Requires a Lightweight Infrastructure

| Aug 23, 2011 | Application Platforms
| Analyst: Charlotte Dunlap, Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

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Enterprise application servers are the foundation of the middleware portfolio offered by leading providers, but how well do these flagship products address the needs of an emerging class of developers who have their sights set on building Web 2.0 applications quickly and on platforms that support agility and low cost? Developers are questioning the need for high-priced app servers which include a lot of bells and whistles such as high availability and integration with back-end systems. Middleware vendors including VMware and Red Hat are helping to stir the debate by presenting reasons why developers should opt for low cost commercial alternatives built on Apache Tomcat, rather than proceed with the industry’s most popular app servers, IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and others. The debate has been ongoing over the years, but interest in the topic has been sparked again as the industry ushers in a new generation of developers looking to exploit the Web and mobile computing to their full advantage in the simplest possible way.

This report discussed the changing role of the application server, from supporting highly transactional systems to supporting Web 2.0 and mobile functionality for mass-market developers.


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