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Verticalization Requires Precise Solutions Fine-Tuned to Sector Needs

| Sep 28, 2011 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analyst: Michal Halama, Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

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Service providers (SPs) are increasingly structuring their products and organizations along vertical lines to address individual industries. This enables SPs to offer products that have been specially customized for particular industry sectors, so as to get closer to customers and differentiate themselves from more generalist competitors. Due to its moneymaking potential, the finance vertical has traditionally been the favourite target for such attention by many service providers.

The finance sector is broad, comprising retail banking, investment banking, insurance firms, hedge funds and so on. The finance vertical is one of the most mature sectors in terms of verticalized offerings by service providers; products for the vertical have been customized to a higher degree of granularity than those for other verticals: for instance, down to specialized services for automated financial trading. BT’s Radianz and Colt’s Market Prizm, for instance, have each been offering low-latency services to this sub-segment for some time (for more information, please see, Colt Adds Cloud and Data Center Expertise to MarketPrizm’s Financial Market Capabilities, May 11, 2011).

Economic downturn and the banking crisis have not altered service providers’ vertical strategies, but finance sector clients now have more constrained budgets alongside expectations of specialized services. To continue to compete, service providers have to respond with improved services, customized for sub-sections within the finance vertical, which achieve lower costs. This pressure is likely to continue and the trend to fine-tune vertical solutions to customer needs will continue to crystallize within service providers.


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