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M2M Ecosystem Update

| May 6, 2011 | Mobile Ecosystem
| Analysts:
  Kathryn Weldon, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility
  Ron Westfall, Research Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

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The M2M market continues to evolve rapidly, creating confusion about how to define and categorize it. We view the M2M market as consisting of four essential segments: (1) modules and devices; (2) management platforms; (3) connectivity; and (4) applications. M2M modules and devices are the hardware and network edge/core components that support the required mobile technologies to support M2M applications. M2M management platforms support the authentication, authorization and auditing (AAA) and the provisioning/usage functions for M2M services. M2M wireless connectivity includes the required mobile data services operators offer (e.g., 2G/3G) for M2M communications. M2M applications support the business processes that that are empowered by having machines communicate with each other via the network (e.g., remote monitoring, asset management).

This Advisory Report looks at trends in the M2M market, the role of the Mobile Ecosystem, M2M players to watch, and the long-term M2M outlook.


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