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Trend Update: Premium In-Home IT & Multimedia Support Services

| Nov 10, 2011 | Consumer Services Europe
| Analyst: Natasha Rybak, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services Europe

This report outlines paid-for, in-home IT and multimedia support services offered by European multiplay providers for non-own-branded products and devices, examining availability, trends and positioning. In the last year, what was initially an emerging market segment for these types of services has stagnated. Existing offers have remained relatively unchanged, and no notable new solutions have been introduced. The market’s overall focus is on the smartphone, and little attention has been paid to providing specialised support services for devices and activities outside of that realm.

One very interesting exception is ‘O2 Gurus,’ which began as a smartphone-oriented support proposition. Although not a premium ‘in-home IT and multimedia support service’ per se, in the UK and Spain, the free help and advice offer also encompasses non-smartphone issues.

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