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Data Center Services: Transformation in the Cloud Era

| Mar 30, 2011 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analysts:
  Amy DeCarlo, Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services
  Michal Halama, Principal Analyst, Business Network and IT Services

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Basic economics are driving demand today for data center services. Organizations are looking for every avenue to cut IT cost, and data center services are a prime candidate. Providers can take advantage of their scale to offer what can be a cost-effective alternative to do-it-yourself data center management.

This advisory report examines the state of the global data center market today, highlighting the business issues, technology trends and recent events that are shaping the sector. Advances in areas such as virtualization technology are enabling more than just server consolidation to reduce data center footprints and improve energy efficiency; they are supporting entirely new delivery models and business strategies.

Current Analysis looked at the strategies and portfolios of top providers including global carriers (e.g., AT&T, BT Global Services and Verizon), hosting providers (Rackspace and Terremark) and IT services providers (ITSPs - e.g., CSC, Dell Services, HP, IBM, T-Systems and others) to get a better sense of where the market is today and what enterprises can expect from providers in the near-term. What we found is a set of providers that are trying to keep up with global demand through innovation and acquisition even as their customers continue to demand more for less.


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