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Yes, We Can! – Behind the Scenes
in Global Carriers’ Customer Service

| Jun 3, 2011 | Business Network and IT Services
| Analyst: Bernt Ostergaard, Research Director, IT Services

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Great customer service is usually highlighted by global carriers and IT service providers alike, with an emphasis on the number of customer support people in the company, the number of customer support centres and their main locations, and a customer satisfaction score (which always seems to be a little higher than last year). However, these customer satisfaction studies are conducted by hired polling specialists that rarely use externally verifiable metrics or methodologies. This is fine for internal performance assessments and improvement programs, but it is not very useful for any external evaluations. In the marketing departments of service providers, everyone agrees that customer satisfaction is very important, but transparency is not very forthcoming. On the enterprise customer side, we rarely hear about extraordinary service and support; we usually hear about the shortcomings of customer support and the occasions where installations or change management went horribly wrong.

This advisory takes a look behind the curtain to get a 360-degree view of what it takes as a global Tier 1 service provider to meet the demands of multinational enterprises.


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