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New Opportunities for Carriers:
Broadcast Companies look beyond Traditional Satellite for IP Contribution,
and HD and 3D Video

| Sep 30, 2011 | Wholesale Services
| Analysts: Joel Stradling, Caroline Chappell

Broadcast media is a growth market, creating opportunities for new players to enter the value chain. At the same time, media content production and distribution is becoming more fragmented due to the forces of globalization and demand for customization from local audiences. While media over terrestrial networks is well-established in North American markets, some international carriers perceive untapped opportunities in other regions across the world, including Europe and Asia Pacific, and are engineering their fixed networks to attract buyers of contribution-quality content delivery services in these regions.

With more capacity on offer and improved access technologies more widely available, carriers definitely have the chance to win lucrative contracts from media and broadcast prospects. This advisory looks at how a select group of mainly European carriers, and Tata and Level 3, are addressing this market and assesses the credentials needed to be competitive in this space.

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