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Network Optimization Services: Segmenting the Offers, and
the Value Proposition

| Oct 18, 2010 | Telecom Vendor Services Tracker
| Analyst: Peter Jarich, Service Director, Service Provider Infrastructure
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Last month, we had the opportunity to talk with an operator about its impending LTE network launch.

In explaining its rationale for moving aggressively on the technology, the operator presented the well-worn chart showing a decoupling of mobile data traffic and mobile data revenues. Yet more than simply arguing that LTE would help to lift the revenue curve while bringing down costs, LTE was positioned as one component of a larger strategy that included policy control tools along with network optimization.

While the context was mobile broadband services, the broader message is clear. As operators look to improve the customer experience while keeping costs in check, optimization has become a critical part of their thinking. To be sure, this isn’t a new phenomenon: vendors have been selling products and services to help service provider networks and services run more efficiently for years. What is new is the appearance of new technologies, new network evolutions and new thinking around end-to-end service implications (edge through core, mobile through fixed), all of which provides an opportunity to rethink how services and networks are architected – and could be improved.

Beginning with the concept that optimization can be sold in the form of a service or a set of products operators can use on their own, it’s clear that the topic is broad. It is even broader when considering the various parts of the network that can be optimized, the players involved and how they deliver their products or services. In an effort to understand how vendors in the optimization space (large and small) compete and differentiate themselves, we need to begin with a taxonomy of the space – a description of how services organizations address the concept from both the physical network and operations perspectives. Within this context, we can identify the trends in the space, setting the stage for a discussion of how vendors are positioned in a follow-on analysis.



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