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IMS Update: How are IMS Suppliers Outside the Big Five Addressing the Market?

| December 21, 2010 | IP Services Infrastructure
| Analyst: Joe McGarvey, Principal Analyst, IP Services Infrastructure

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Though it might be a few more years before the overall IMS market hits its stride, the inevitability of the architectural evolution in the telecommunication sector demands that all equipment makers finalize coherent and comprehensive go-to-market strategies. While the “Big Five” major players in the IMS market – Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, NSN and ZTE – have had their end-to-end portfolios and plans of attack in place for several years, a dozen or so additional IMS competitors are looking to carve out niches of opportunity – and revenue – over the next few years. Of those that have assembled go-to-market strategies, most can be categorized as fitting into at least one of three primary approaches, depending on their plans to supply core session control functionality.

The success of IMS equipment suppliers outside of the Big Five equipment vendors will depend on multiple market drivers and still-to-be answered questions. Will operators, for example, follow best-of-breed approaches and be willing to mix and match suppliers at the different layers of the network – access, control and application? And, will operators be willing to migrate to “IMS-like” equipment, which offers all of the functionality of IMS gear but may not be in strict adherence to industry standards?


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