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IBC 2010: IP Video Driving
the Shift to Content Delivery
Network Architectures

| September 17, 2010 | Digital Media Infrastructure
| Analyst: Yoav Schreiber, Senior Analyst, Digital Media Infrastructure

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The question whether over the top (OTT) is a “friend or foe” is so 2009. At IBC 2010 it was clear that multi-screen video, which includes the delivery of video over broadband connections (i.e., OTT) has become a priority to service providers of all types – cable, telco and satellite, as well as broadcasters. Recognizing this present priority, digital media infrastructure (DMI) vendors have positioned their solutions by addressing several common themes.

First, the unified headend is emerging as a resonating concept, primarily driven by the cost efficiencies in converging disparate infrastructure silos for single screen delivery into consolidated architectures – with the added benefit of management simplicity that reduces operational expense.

Second, unified back-office platforms enable seamless delivery of content to multiple screens by managing multiple resources such as content management, session management, subscriber management, rights management, etc.

Finally, ensuring a seamless customer experience increasingly requires architectures to encompass front-end clients, whether through application and user interface frameworks to manage the experience, or through rights management to ensure subscriber authentication from multiple devices.

The analysis below aggregates announcements from IBC 2010 with the broadest competitive impact on the DMI landscape. They can be grouped into 3 categories: deployments, solutions and products.



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