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DLNA Has the Answers,
but Operators Must Spell It Out

| November 18, 2010 | Consumer Services
| Analysts: Weston Henderek, Principal Analyst, Consumer Services U.S.,
  Farah Jifri, Analyst, Consumer Services Europe

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The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) was conceived in 2003 by companies looking to create more compatibility between their products and different product classes. The alliance has grown dramatically since then, and the DLNA name has become a respected standard in the electronics and computing industries.

However, despite a strong increase in the number of products that are DLNA-compatible, mainstream use of the technology for sharing media between devices (as was intended) has yet to take off. As operators begin to promote the ‘Connected Home,’ DLNA will likely become a more relevant issue in the industry, but how will operators communicate its value? This report will examine the vision of DLNA as well as its relevance in the digital home and make recommendations around operator communication of DLNA benefits to end users.

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