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User Experience is Key “Feature” Differentiating Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Portals

| November 18, 2010 | Custom Research Solutions
| Analyst: Bruce Page, Vice President, Custom Research

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Over the past few years service providers such as AT&T, Verizon, BT, Global Crossing and others have spent a great deal of effort to enhance their customer-facing portals in an effort to provide a better customer experience and so smooth the process of gaining new customers, or increase stickiness among existing customers. Now, players in the customer-premises equipment (CPE) space are also looking at portals as a way to differentiate themselves.

Current Analysis’s Custom Research team recently conducted an industry best practices study to identify how CPE players today are providing customer self-service capabilities across the CPE lifecycle (i.e., selection, purchasing, delivery, maintenance and support). Our analysis focused on all types of premises networking equipment, from switches and routers to security, wireless LAN, PBXs, and phones.

The research generated several insights. First, the users we spoke with during the first phase of the study said that simply having more features or capabilities does not make for a better CPE portal. In fact, some of the most feature-rich portals were rated among the least effective in helping them get their job done. Users identified Ease of Use as the distinguishing characteristic of today’s best-in-class portals, citing speed and efficiency as the key benefits of the easy-to-use approach.

Second, our assessment of ten real-world CPE portals showed a surprising divergence between the features and capabilities that users rate most highly, and those that CPE vendors and distributors have implemented most fully in their portals. Globally, CPE vendors seem to have focused on implementing features and functions that enhance their own processes (e.g., linked to product ordering and invoicing), while neglecting other features that rate highly with users (e.g., inventory and maintenance management).

Third, the User Experience portion of our study showed a considerable divergence in the usability of important feature sets in CPE portal sites, with important implications for both vendors and customers.

In the CPE portal space, as in so many other product and service areas, it’s no longer only about providing content and features; it’s about identifying the features and functionality that users really need, how those features and content are presented to users, and how they are consumed.


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