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Complimentary Advisory Report

Mobile World Congress 2010
Round-up: Mobile Device Silicon Key Takeaways

| February 24, 2010 | Mobile Device Silicon | Advisory Report
| Analyst: Ron Westfall, Research Director, Silicon

Mobile World Congress

The GSMA Mobile World Congress 2010 conference and exhibition in Barcelona, Spain from February 15-18, 2010 generated significant participation with over 1,300 exhibits and over 49,000 attendees partaking in this year’s event indicating that mobile technology will prove a hot ticket item during 2010.

The attendance figure represented an uptick from the 2009 event’s 47,000 attendance figure. The event yielded an eclectic range of sales and marketing themes for mobile device silicon players, reflecting the diversity of sales and marketing themes that ran through the entire course of the show. As a result, this put a premium on more focused sales and marketing messages to help convey the mobile device silicon vendors latest developments and propositions. Which vendors presented the more focused sales and marketing messages, and what were some of the overall key takeaways from this year’s Mobile World Congress will be examined in this report.

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