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Complimentary Advisory Report
Mobile Broadband Europe Tracker:
Small Business Services Insights,
Q2 2010
| Aug 27, 2010 | Mobile Broadband Europe Tracker

| Analysts: Natasha Rybak, Senior Analyst, Consumer Services Europe, Emma Mohr-McClune, Research Director, Consumer Services Europe

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The European small business market is still poorly served for distinct, business-centric mobile broadband services. Although most operators across the CurrentTrack service’s 17-market footprint retained their overall rating from Q1 2010 into Q2 2010, only three of the 57 providers profiled saw their rankings improve, while 21 were downgraded. This was largely a result of operators’ continuing lack of new service innovation and failure to differentiate services, bundled products and messaging for the small business segment.

Small business plans are still generally mere replicas of operators’ consumer portfolios, with fewer tariff options across the board, and sporadic demonstration of value-add (i.e., bundled PC security software, online storage, IT user management, group share bucket tariffs, white list/black list management with roaming mode cancellation functionality, etc.). With a few exceptions, operators are still failing to grasp the unique marketing opportunities and service requirements present within the small business segment.

The Q2 2010 CurrentTrack Mobile Broadband Small Business tracker compiled and assessed the service portfolios of 57 operators across 17 markets in Europe. Like the sister CurrentTrack Mobile Broadband Consumer Market service, the small business market service tracks pricing, portfolios, competitive momentum, channel use and market positioning in detail, resulting in an overall rating for each operator’s performance within the Q2 2010 period.

Within the CurrentTrack service, each operator was given a points-based rating indexed for mobile broadband strength within Q2 2010, based on five assessment criteria: Pricing, Portfolio, Channels, Positioning and Quarterly Competitive Momentum. As witnessed in previous quarters, results across the board were generally poor. Operators which consistently score a ‘highly competitive’ or even ‘aggressive’ rating for consumer mobile broadband frequently fell into the ‘neutral’ or even ‘non-competitive’ categories for their small business services.

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