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Advanced Video Advertising: Addressing Timing vs. Market Readiness

| March 12, 2010 | Digital Media Infrastructure
| Analyst: Yoav Schreiber, Senior Analyst, Digital Media Infrastructure

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Multiple sources point out that while the roughly $200 million global TV advertising market is growing 5% a year, the roughly $60 million online advertising market is growing 20% a year. Meanwhile, as MSOs and telcos compete to provide differentiated and personalized content experiences to their subscribers, almost all of the related ad revenues continue to flow towards content owners, leaving service providers out of a significant opportunity. With advanced video advertising, service providers are hoping to emulate the addressable, interactive, and accountable Internet-based advertising models in order to capture new revenue streams and monetize their increasingly expensive content-based business models.

Although systematically tracking the adoption and market readiness for advanced video advertising is a competitive imperative for digital media infrastructure (DMI) vendors (and their service provider customers), ensuring that current efforts are aligned with the opportunities of greatest return is an ongoing challenge. Given the still emerging stage of the advanced video advertising opportunity, tracking progress towards trials and deployments is of critical competitive significance to DMI vendors and service providers.

To assist DMI vendors in tracking advanced video advertising market activity and measuring industry readiness, we introduce a Timing Dashboard for Advanced Video Advertising. The intent of the dashboard is to capture and assess progress in the cable, satellite, telco, and over-the-top (OTT) advanced video advertising market in order to help uncover market gaps and opportunities on which DMI vendors can focus. The Timing Dashboard tracks two dimensions of the industry based on public announcements: advanced video advertising formats and progress maturing from technical to market viability.

Leveraging our initial assessment of market activity from October 2009 through February 2010, there was an almost even split between public announcements of advanced video advertising partnerships and interoperability (55% of total) and trials and deployments (45% of total). This would indicate that, despite the still nascent stage of the advanced video advertising market, the market has already begun to progress towards maturity. However, a deeper inspection of the trials and deployments among three advertising formats in particular – request for information, addressable linear, and dynamic on-demand ad inse


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