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The Current Analysis Difference

Current Analysis, a wholly owned subsidiary of Progressive Digital Media Plc, is a leading provider of timely, practical market intelligence and advice that helps global IT and telecom professionals compete, innovate and improve performance. For over 15 years, our independent experts and proprietary services have empowered fast-paced companies to quickly identify opportunities to drive growth and market leadership. Relied upon as an unbiased and trusted partner, Current Analysis serves more than 35,000 professionals representing over 1,400 enterprises. Headquartered in Washington DC, with offices in Boston, Buenos Aires, London, Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Sydney, we provide broad global reach.

For Equipment Vendors and Service Providers

Current Analysis delivers timely, in-depth intelligence, analysis, and advice that enable sales teams, marketing professionals, product managers, and executives to continuously improve business performance and anticipate and counter competitive threats. Our industry analysts examine market events and company products to produce valuable insight on:

  • What’s happening in the market and why
  • What’s working, what’s not working
  • What competitors are saying to customers
  • How to respond to market conditions to maximize success

For Buyers of Telecom Infrastructure Equipment and Services

Our Telecom Equipment Buyer Web site enables buyers of telecom infrastructure equipment and services at carriers, operators, and service providers to make better business decisions based on an objective understanding of the products and competing companies in a particular market. As equipment manufacturers continue to make changes to their product lines, Telecom Equipment Buyer provides unbiased analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of these solutions, enabling telecom professionals to understand the products, companies and key trends that continue to shape the telecom infrastructure industry.

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For Buyers of IT Equipment and Telecom Services

Our IT Connection site is the Web’s new premier source of unbiased analysis and assessments of IT equipment and telecom services. The assessments on IT Connection enable IT Professionals to quickly, easily, and efficiently assess products and suppliers to determine the best technology solution to fit their needs.

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For Researchers, Financial Analysts, and other individuals

We enable companies to make better business decisions based on an objective understanding of the markets and competing companies in a particular sector. Unlike traditional research firms who tend towards future trends or high-level information, Current Analysis focuses on what is happening in the market today, specific tactics that vendors are using, and in-depth analysis of products and their capabilities. Our industry analysts examine market events and company products to produce valuable insight on:

  • What’s happening in the market
  • How competitors stack up
  • Which vendors are best positioned
  • Which vendors are most vulnerable

Current Analysis reports can be used to:

  • Make more informed investment decisions or recommendations
  • Assist equipment and service buyers in selecting the right company for their needs
  • Gain insight into market dynamics and the companies that compete within them


Current Analysis Objectivity and Independence

Current Analysis deliverables are built on the foundation of objective, unbiased research. Our analysts conform to the highest levels of integrity and ethics, and may not engage in activities that may compromise these values. Our firm is in a unique position of supplying content that is often used as a source of competitive intelligence by vendors in the markets we cover. As such, our clients rely on the objective, independent research that our analysts provide, and therefore, our success as a company depends significantly on our ability to maintain independence, accuracy, and objectivity.

Our analysts employ structured methodologies to assess key events and data, and publish research in specific formats that are delivered to our clients on a timely basis. All syndicated research is peer-reviewed by the analyst team, and in some cases by the vendor who is the subject matter of the research, to ensure content accuracy. Finally, the editorial team reviews the research for additional quality checks before the content is published. Any consulting work that is done for our vendor clients is managed separately from our syndicated research. Current Analysis is not affiliated with nor owned by any of the vendors that we cover.


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