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Mobile World Congress 2013 Insights
What resonated, what didn’t, and which vendors, themes,
and technologies “won” in Barcelona

| March 6, 2013
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This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) was the biggest, most important one yet. Beyond the fact that the GSMA had moved it to a new conference facility (promising to support more space for more exhibitors and attendees), the fact remains that mobility circa 2013 stands as the driving force behind the entire telecom market. At the same time, operators and vendors selling into the mobile opportunity are faced with an unprecedented and ever-expanding set of questions that will determine how the market evolves. For example:

  • How will operators meet the skyrocketing demand for mobile broadband?
  • Assuming they can build networks to support user demands, how will they (can they) fully monetize them?
  • How can network infrastructure vendors insert themselves into this equation?
  • What role do over-the-top services play? Friend? Foe? Somewhere in-between?

It’s unlikely that Mobile World Congress 2013 will provide answers to all of these questions. What it will provide, however, is insight into how the industry is evolving and, in the process, how key players and upstarts are tackling these questions with service, software and infrastructure innovations.

Join us as Current Analysis discusses the high points, low points and everything in between from Mobile World Congress 2013. With every analytical team from Current Analysis represented at the event, we will share what resonated, what didn’t, and which vendors, themes and technologies “won” in Barcelona. Whether you made it to Spain for the show and need a broader view of its significance or were not able to attend and want an in-depth view from the ground, join us for this topical Webinar to put MWC 2013 into context and understand how the trends it revealed will impact you and your customers

Peter Jarich
VP, Consumer and Infrastructure
Emma Mohr-McClune
Service Director, Consumer Services - Global
Mike Spanbauer
Service Director, Business Technology and Software
Avi Greengart
Research Director, Consumer Devices
Kathryn Weldon
Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility

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