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Mobile OS Platforms: Can Microsoft or BlackBerry
(or Anyone Else) Break the Apple/Google Duopoly?
| August 22, 2013
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Peter Jarich
VP, Consumer and Infrastructure
Avi Greengart
Research Director, Enterprise Devices and Platforms
Lynnette Luna
Senior Analyst, Services Ecosystem

2013 will mark the launch of nearly half a dozen new OS platforms. Of course, this raises the old question: How many OS platforms beyond iOS and Android can the market support?

That answer is debatable, but as long as mobility continues to represent the next growth wave of services and mobile operators and OEMs continue to voice their desire for more OS platform choices, companies will continue to try. Can anyone break the duopoly? Do competing OS platforms need to break the duopoly in order to survive?

Join Current Analysis for a look at the mobile OS platform market and insight into what it takes for alternative mobile OS platforms to compete.

  • What are the key ingredients for a successful OS platform?
  • How are revamped OS platforms such as BlackBerry and Windows Phone competing in the market?
  • How are alternative OS platforms such as Firefox, Tizen and Sailfish positioning themselves?
  • How are alternative OS platform backers attracting developers and what are the lessons learned?
  • What are the weaknesses of Android and iOS that competitors can exploit?
  • What role do service providers and OEMs play in the success of alternative OS platforms?

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