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Innovation IMPACT: Voice, Data, OTT Competition
and the Consumer Services Innovation Imperative
| September 18, 2013
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Current Analysis Analysts
Peter Jarich
VP, Consumer and Infrastructure
Emma Mohr-McClune
Service Director, Consumer Services - Global

For years, the concept of “carrier innovation” was nearly self-contradictory, particularly around consumer services. For many operators, voice was the service of the past, supplemented over time by messaging and mobile data. During the same time, innovation was being driven by nimble Over The Top (OTT) players. The threat that these OTTs pose to revenues has only grown as mobile broadband networks have taken hold and smartphone penetration has moved well beyond early adopters.

As voice and data have become commodity services, services innovation is more than just a way to remain competitive with the OTT world. It is a matter of survival – not just for service providers, but for the network and device vendors supporting them. While innovation centers and innovation-focused business units have resulted within carrier organizations, the search for new, compelling and revenue-generating services continues.

Innovation, after all, is a journey, not a destination. OTT competition shows no signs of abating, so the question remains: where will the journey lead?

Join Current Analysis for an in-depth look into the state of consumer services innovation and insight into how that innovation needs to be understood and embraced.

  • Why can services innovation no longer be ignored by any service provider?
  • What does consumer service innovation look like circa 2013?
  • Where are service innovations found?
  • How do service providers need to think about innovation within their own service portfolios?
  • Beyond service providers themselves, why is consumer services innovation something every player in the mobile ecosystem needs to understand?

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