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Game Changer – Professional and Managed Services Revolutionize the Competitive Dynamic
| Dec 4, 2012
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Jason Marcheck, Research Director, Service Provider
Peter Jarich, Vice President, Consumer and

Two decades after IBM pioneered the transformation from being a product-led to a services-led company, telecom equipment vendors have realized a similar dilemma - adapt or die. With purpose-built “scale-up” hardware facing diminishing importance in the face of general-purpose “scale-out” hardware, the ability to develop custom software and provide robust, highly-capable professional and managed services will be a key driver in determining the “winners and losers” in the network equipment vendor market for the remainder of this decade. While this trend has been acknowledged by virtually all the major equipment vendor players, fundamental questions remain as to how these vendors need to develop and take their services offerings to market.

Recent Current Analysis research digs deep into telecom network operator professional and managed services needs, as well as their procurement priorities, and which vendors are the best regarded – on a region by region basis. Join us for a discussion in which we will analyze new Current Analysis survey information on telecom vendor services procurement plans to provide a unique window on the state of vendor services market today and adoption trends in the near term. We will share Current Analysis’ perspective on:

  • What services do network operators value most, and what are their purchase horizon(s).
  • How network operators view the emergence of traditional IT services players into the telecom vendor services space – and which services they’re likely to procure from these companies.
  • Shifts in vendor perception over the past 12-18 months.

Join Jason Marcheck, Current Analysis Service Director for Service Provider Infrastructure, and Peter Jarich, Current Analysis Vice President for Consumer and Infrastructure, for a session designed to offer both network equipment vendors and operators actionable intelligence they can use to make strategic decisions as they move forward with their next-generation network investments.

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