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2013: What Next Year Promises for the Mobile Ecosystem
| Dec 13, 2012
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Lynnette Luna, Senior Analyst, Mobile Ecosystem
Peter Jarich, Vice President, Consumer and

If it was not clear before, 2012 showcased the fact that mobility is being driven forward by broad ecosystem dynamics. LTE, ostensibly nothing more than a fatter pipe, is resulting in new service models. Tablets, once positioned as nothing more than oversized phones, are now driving data growth and new service offerings. An ever-growing demand for capacity and the realities of spectrum fragmentation are spurring operators to rethink how WiFi fits into their traditional macrocell and small cell architectures.

Meanwhile, that same spectrum fragmentation is forcing device makers to make some tough decisions when it comes to product development, limiting the services operators can launch. As we move into 2013, these ecosystem interdependencies will only intensify. On the cusp of the New Year, then, join us for a look back at 2012 along with our predictions for the evolution of the mobile ecosystem in 2013, tackling the topics that shape our analysis next year and beyond.

  • What new service evolutions will LTE bring?
  • How will operators cope with the reality of spectrum scarcity?
  • What lies ahead for service provider WiFi: more offload or more monetization?
  • Beyond networks, how will applications be monetized? What is the role of the developer in the mobile ecosystem?
  • Do new mobile platforms (i.e., Jolla, Firefox OS, Tizen) have an opportunity to break the hegemony of Android and iOS?
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